Reservation, Cancellation and Rafting Policies

Reservation Policies

We try our best to make our reservation process work in your favor but we do have a few rules. When you reserve your trip we commit guides and equipment to that trip to make sure you’ll have the best possible adventure’s Edge rafting trips. We also turn away other customers who may want to raft at the time you chose. In return we ask a few things from you:

Deposits and Payments

25% deposit is required to hold a reservation. The deposit holds your reserved date and time and is due when you make your reservation or at a time set by your reservationist. The entire balance is due 2 weeks prior to your scheduled trip.


At the time you place your tentative reservation, you and our reservationist will set an appropriate CONFIRMATION DATE which will give you time to organize your group and collect their payment. This date is normally three weeks in advance of your trip date. On your confirmation date, please call and tell us how many in your group have confirmed and we will adjust your tentative number to a confirmed number.

Cancellation Policy

You will have a full refund if a written cancellation is received with 14 days prior to your trip date. If the trip is cancelled less than 4 cancellation days no amount will be refunded.
Rafting Policies

Rafting Policies

Age limits

The age limit for white water rafting set by Adventure Edge ( Pvt) Ltd. is 10 years old. There is no upper age limit.

Weight and height restrictions

There are no weight or height restrictions. Other restrictions, If you or someone in your group has health issues consult a physician. Rafting is a strenuous activity.


Everyone who rafts down the must sign a liability waiver. If anyone in your group is under the age of 18 the waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian.

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Dangerous behavior

Please listen to and obey your guide. Adventure Edge (Pvt)Ltd. guides are well trained. They want you to have great fun but they also want everyone to be safe. ADVENTURE EDGE reserves the right to remove any individual from a white water rafting trip if their behavior in any way interferes with safety.